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Feeling Alive!

Connecting with nature and finding purpose in life should be the ambition of everyone. When we connect with nature we begin to feel whole and part of something much greater than ourselves, but with the realisation that we are nurtured and cared for.

It doesn't have to be complicated. Taking a walk each day, but spending time really looking at the world around us; the detail in a tree, it's bark and leaves, an insect on the wall, a bird singing nearby, the clouds up above. We are surrounded by nature, even in the most densely populated cities and can find many moments throughout the day to connect.

When we truly use our eyes to look and experience the world around us, we become calmer and more present. The benefits for our health are enormous. In our busy lives, with our heads full of what we need to do and what we have done, many of us take very little time to be here and now. We can use mindfulness in our everyday lives, no matter how busy.

Try it today! When you next step foot outside, slow down, breathe deeply and take time to truly look at the world around you; the detail and intricacy in a plant, a blade of grass, even a wall! When you do this the world opens up and becomes magical!

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